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O’Neill Foley

Cloud phone system with easy and secure remote access for home based workers.


O’Neill Foley is a progressive Chartered Accountants firm based in Kilkenny. Their commitment to creating value for their clients is built on the quality and timeliness of their advice, the depth of their service and the strong relationships they foster with their clients. O’Neill Foley’s extensive services include audit, accounting, tax, corporate governance, payroll, business recovery, company secretarial, business consultancy, wealth management and corporate finance.


In 2020, O’Neill Foley were planning a move to a new premise just as the pandemic hit. They were considering switching to a newer, more modern phone system for the new premises. The pandemic brought forward this decision for two reasons. Firstly, everyone was now having to work from home. Secondly, the move to the new premises was being pushed back. Up until this point, most staff were based in the office, with access to their own PC and telephone handset. Some management had remote access to applications and data, but not the telephones system. The lockdown and the sudden shift in the working environment urgently amplified the need for a new telephone system, with remote access absolutely crucial to operations.


There were a few different facets of the overhaul that we needed to discuss with O’Neill Foley. A good portion of the discussion centred around what devices would be best for users. Handsets, headsets, desktop applications, mobile applications and Microsoft Teams were all possibilities, each with their own particular strengths. We provided a selection of headsets for them to choose between, whilst management set about determining what would suit the staff and the company best. In the meantime, we arranged for a demonstration of the Zultys Cloud Modern Phone system. So that an accurate proposal could be provided, we then set about discussing the details of exactly what would be required in terms of functionality and quantities.



“We needed a quick solution that would work across the business especially for remote workers. HCS moved fast to come up with a telecoms solution that met our needs and was reliable and easy to use.”

Amy Maclean

O'Neill Foley

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