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Brothers of Charity 

Learn how Brothers of Charity are using the Zultys Enterprise System to delivered unified communications across hundreds of users and multiple sites. 


Originally founded by Belgian priest Father Peter Joseph Triest in 1807, the Brothers of Charity were established in Ireland in 1883. They are a nonprofit organisation dedicated to providing assistance and aid to individuals with intellectual disabilities and their families. Their 1,900 volunteers and employees lend support to approximately 3000 people by maintaining several day care centres, nursery schools, social enterprises, supported employment and living services and education, development and activity centres. Being the largest provider of these services in Ireland, they located in six counties; Waterford, Galway, Clare, Limerick and Cork. They strive to empower those with disabilities by helping them to achieve the maximum autonomy and integration as possible. 


Brothers of Charity in Waterford first engaged with HCS to review their telecoms environment back in 2021. Back then the system they were using was incurring expensive maintenance and call costs and the management felt it was time for a review of the system and the associated costs. The organisation also realised that they were growing at quite a rapid rate and needed a telecoms solution that enabled them to scale with ease but was within their budget. The advent of the Covid pandemic meant that Brothers of Charity staff had to work remotely, and this highlighted difficulties within their existing system. In general Brothers of Charity felt it was time to review their current telecom system and see what else was available in the market.  


HCS Telecom initial engagement was with the Brothers of Charity site in Waterford which had approx. 50 users. HCS Telecom experts analysed their bills, usage and call costs to ascertain where cost savings and efficiencies could be made. At that time the site in Waterford was growing and needed a solution that could easily scale and add new users seamlessly.  

HCS recommended the Zultys cloud-based enterprise phone system as a suitable solution that met the needs of Brothers of Charity now and into the future. The number of users in Waterford has increased to 120 and the implementation of the Zultys system reduced ongoing call costs by approx. 70%.  

Over time new sites were added to the Zultys Platform including Killarney, Listowel and Tralee and a further 3 sites in Cork bringing the total number of users to 400 approximately. 


Moving from an on prem to a cloud-based telecom solution enabled the Brothers of Charity to operate much more efficiently while reducing spend on call costs. The ease of deployment meant no downtime and the ongoing scalability means users and sites can be added with ease. Having the facility of sending voicemails to email means that users never miss an important call.  As an enterprise system Zultys has the latest security inbuilt enabling remote workers to access the system and communicate with colleagues and external contacts securely.  




Zultys has enabled our remote workers to operate with the same level of efficiency and security as if they were in the office. We’ve also been able to reduce ongoing call costs and increase staff productivity levels. HCS continue to support the system, upgrades are deployed with ease and without disturbance and issues are dealt with promptly.” 

Gary O'Mahony

ICT Manager, Brothers of Charity

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