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National Software Centre 

EasyUC HCS’s Cloud Telephony Solution enables The National Software Centre to streamline tenant management effortlessly


The National Software Centre is a landmark development offering world class offices and broadband infrastructure in Cork. The campus was specifically designed for IT and Service companies with flexibility and scalability in mind. Home to 50-60 companies the building offers best of breed security with 24/7 access. It operates a fresh air handling system and a central reception with a VOIP  Telephony solution. The reception is the first point of contact for visitors and all calls are answered in the tenants name.


The National Software Centre faced a formidable challenge in adapting to the evolving needs of its tenants and operating a centralised reception desk for incoming calls. As the number of tenants grew their current phone system led to difficulties in managing individual tenant requirements and fielding incoming calls.  The absence of a virtual reception exacerbated the communication gap, hindering the seamless operation of the centre. Recognising the limitations of their outdated phone system prompted the centre to undertake a critical evaluation of their needs and current infrastructure and HCS Telecom were approached to provide an alternative solution.


HCS suggested the EasyUC Cloud Phone system to the National Software Centre. This would give the flexibility to configure the system to operate as they needed it to. Configuring EasyUC to deliver as required was a significant challenge but HCS Telecom’s experts were able to match the needs of the centre with individual lines per tenant and a centralised reception. With this system the tenants all have autonomy and greater flexibility to answer calls themselves or divert calls to the reception where they are flagged with the company name and answered accordingly. 


The EasyUC system was deployed into the National Software Centre with little to no downtime. The flexibility and scalability of the cloud phone system means that new tenants can be added into the network remotely making it seamless and fast. Equally clients can be removed easily should they wish to relocate from the Centre. The EasyUC Cloud phone system has broad functionality enabling tenants to divert calls to the receptionist where they will be answered accordingly. The solution also facilitates remote working and as a virtual system makes a company completely mobile especially in the case of multiple office locations.

HCS Telecom also provides ongoing support and regular maintenance to the National Software Centre with prompt resolution if issues do arise or new configuration is required.




“The implementation of EasyUC, HCS Telecom’s cutting-edge cloud telephone solution, has truly transformed our operations at the National Software Centre. Its seamless integration and advanced features have not only addressed our communication challenges but have exceeded our expectations. EasyUC has empowered us to manage the diverse needs of our tenants with unparalleled efficiency, providing a dynamic and responsive platform that aligns perfectly with our forward-thinking approach.”

Sue O'Brien

Manager, National Software Centre

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